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Universities : Why Study in Russia?

1. Russia’s Premier Universities

The most prestigious humanities institution in Russia is MGIMO. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

GY is the leading institute of higher education of the Russian Federation, training highly-qualified specialist in various areas of modern science and technology known as the "Russian MIT" comparable to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America. National Research Nuclear University ME Phi (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) is one of the leading Research Universities in the field of nuclear science and the leader in Russia. Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University have a plethora of all-encompassing programs which elevates them to the best of the heap. People Friendship University of Russia has more of an international feel than any of these Universities. National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" (MISIS) following Russian Federal Policy in Engineering and Innovations is working to develop research and development projects in prioritized areas of the economy, as identified by the Presidential Administration.

Three premier Universities of Russia, which are also scientific centers, located far from the two mega cities are the Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University and Ural Federal University.

All these Universities are world class in every sense of the term – renowned excellence, independent, coeducational, and of government endowment. Their numerous academic departments, divisions, and award programs, as well as interdisciplinary centers and scientific work programs extend beyond traditional departmental boundaries.

2. Russian Universities are Truly International

Russia's most global universities have been providing an academic home for than 160000 international graduates from around the world for nearly 60 years and enabling them to flourish as leaders in the private and public sector globally. In addition, these premier Russian Universities have close ties with the world's leading educational centers, across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. They pride themselves on a global focus and them being a home for global students.

3. Global Recognition and Respect of Russian Degree Programs

All premier universities of Russia have joined the European Universities Association and are signatories to the Bologna accords. Their philosophy provides tuition for Bachelor and Master Degree programs which are recognized around the world, with students gaining qualifications which are the keys to employment and academic opportunities internationally. Their Honorary Doctorates have been bestowed on the globally eminent.

4. Wide Course Selection in Russia

The premier Universities of Russia offer the widest range of educational programs. When it comes to providing students with a framework for understanding the modern-day world – be it through engineering, science, international diplomacy, public administration, business, economics, law, and journalism, not to mention the languages they teach – they are unique.

5. Exceptional Academic Access in Russia

Russia's premier Universities bring together the best aspects of a liberal arts college, pure science program, applied science program, lab work with those of a major research university. This approach provides students in Russia with close access to thousands of professors and faculty members, including full members and corresponding members of the renowned Russian Academy of Sciences, hundreds of Doctorates and post-Doctorates.

6. Russian World Renowned Research Facilities

With an outstanding reputation and academic status Russia's premier universities consistently rank highly in university ratings. Their researches are extended globally through collaborations with leading research institutes in Russia, CIS countries, and around the world. Under the umbrella of the Ministries, Russian premier universities form an esteemed policy think-tank and forum for debate and analysis of international technological, business, management, political, trade developments and current affairs, with its contributions to global analysis highly sought after.

7. Innovative Education in Russia

Since their inception, Russian premier universities have their vision and philosophy merged in traditional academic rigor with intellectual innovation. These universities have Russian Innovative Educational Programs, implemented over the years which renew its focus on competency based education. Their programs also enable them to develop a new quality system reflecting contemporary scientific and educational trends, with new management practices and technologies, and attracting international educational leaders.

8. Academic Excellence in Russia

Russian premier universities are renowned for academic excellence, meaning the brightest of Russia's future leaders are studying there now, with an increasing number of their international counterparts. Each year Russia’s best high school graduates compete for thousands of new places, with some programs – especially engineering, medicine, economics, law, and international relations – having up to 30 applicants for each place. The graduates of these premier universities include presidents, prime ministers, and foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Slovakia, South Africa, Congo, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Ukraine and other countries.

9. Worldwide Networking of Russian Universities

Russian premier universities provide not only an advanced education, but an unparalleled opportunity to gain professional contacts which will endure well beyond formal education. These universities' rigorous and challenging academic framework is complemented by a healthy social environment where the student community and alumni are very accessible and welcoming to foreign students. In this environment today’s students can become the friends of tomorrow’s international political, legal, business and social leaders.

10. Great Social Life of International Students in Russia

Beyond study, international students in Russia will find themselves drawn to numerous concerts, dances, comedy nights, and events in every imaginable sport. Various student organizations fill the calendar with additional social events. Of course, the premier Universities located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, two of the world’s great cities, possess an array of cultural and historical treasures, vibrant culture and dazzling nightlife. They also offer an easy access to the diversity and energy of contemporary Russia, and its epic cultural heritage. Studying in Russia's premier Universities is a wonderful life experience for international students.

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