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Universities : Why Study in the France

  • Famous for its art and culture, France welcomes more tourists than any other country in the world. France is also one of Europe’s top destinations for international students. Numbering 265,000 in 2006, international students made up 14 percent of France’s student population.
  • France is a first-class centre for scientific and technological innovation. It owes this standing to its research capacity and its many achievements in such fields as aerospace, transportation, electronics, telecommunications, chemistry, biotechnology, health and mathematics, successes confirmed by the number of French winners of the Fields Medal.
  • More than 20% of France's national budget goes to education. The French government supports public institutions of higher education, including the universities, thereby lowering the cost of education to each student by approximately 10,000 euros per year. Public support keeps tuition levels in France among the lowest in the world, while assuring the quality and integrity of degree programs.
  • No distinction is made in France between French and foreign students: the entrance requirements and admission fees are the same, and the degrees are identical.
  • A highly diversified system of recognized excellence French degrees are granted by a dense Network of higher education institutions and world-famous research centers.
  • Proficiency in French opens doors to 200 million people in 47 countries on all five continents.

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