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Universities : Why Study in the Cyprus

  • Thousands of tourists as well as students from all over the world make Cyprus their destination every year, because of its natural beauty, its unique climate, and its hospitable people.
  • Cyprus is the island where people from all over the world find it easy to engage in a variety of activities. They may choose to visit various historical monuments, archaeological remains, mediaeval castles, monasteries, fertile countryside, cedar forests, or vineyards where they become familiar with its long history and culture.
  • Cyprus enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with long, dry summers and mild winters. It is the sunniest island in the Mediterranean; from May to September there is hardly a cloud in the sky! Therefore, it remains a popular destination for tourists all the year through.
  • There are many fields of study that the students may choose for applying in the colleges in Cyprus. But Cyprus is well known for the study of Hotel/ Hospitality and Tourism Management Programs. Most of the colleges in Cyprus offers the diploma and under graduate programs in Hospitality management. And another thing is that, at the present situation, the permit of working (called paid practical training) is only given to the students of hotel and hospitality fields. So, life will be harder for those who intend to come here for the study of other subjects.
  • In Cyprus, there are three semesters in a year in the colleges. Which are:
  • Fall Semester (Oct -Jan)
  • Spring Semester (Feb -May)
  • Summer Semester (June -July)
  • Most of the colleges offer all the courses in fall and spring semester but only limited courses in the summer semester. Most of the international students enter Cyprus in Fall Semester (October).

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